Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Sigma Technology’s Independent Verification & Validation practices is a one-stop shop for Quality Assurance and deployment needs of business organizations and agencies. Sigma Technology IV&V combines capability in enterprise applications testing along with the rigor of product testing, an area in which Sigma Technology has a proven expertise. Sigma Technology’s IV&V practice is facilitated by a large pool of dedicated testing professionals cutting across various disciplines with expertise on various tools and technologies.

The key Sigma Technology’s IV&V differentiators are:

  • Caters to “Total Quality Solution” in true sense by combining the process & product quality
  • A consistent software testing approach that can reduce the time and cost of managing testing programs
  • Mature process quality services in place to ensure early detection and containment of defects, resulting in defect free product & higher customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge of Industry Standards (PMBOK, IEEE, CMMI )
  • Metrics which provide integrated tracking and the foundation for continuous testing improvement
  • Repository of domain based test cases which helps in reuse and time reduction in testing
  • Risk based approach
  • Increased requirements and design visibility and traceability
  • Early potential problem area indication
  • Development Risk Reduction
  • Improved maintainability and reliability
Sigma Technology’s scope of V&V processes encompasses software-based systems, computer software, hardware, and interfaces and V&V Program is consistent with IEEE 1012-2004, Standards for Software Verification and Validation, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and ISO 9002, Quality Management Standards and Guidelines.